Exploring the Advantages of Self-Releasing Your Music

Self-releasing your music brings about numerous perks. You retain sole ownership of your rights as a creator, sidestepping the need for publishing agreements, and gain full authority over where and how your work is utilized. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that self-releasing isn’t suited for everyone. It demands a substantial investment of time and effort, as you’ll be shouldering responsibilities typically managed by a publisher and more. Nevertheless, if you’re prepared to undertake this endeavor, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to navigate it successfully.

How to Independently Release Your Music

Grasping the Fundamentals: Self-releasing your songs entails assuming the roles of both artist and publisher. As a self-published songwriter, you ultimately possess all rights to your intellectual property (IP), granting you complete control over the utilization of your compositions and ensuring you receive all royalties associated with your creations.

While this is advantageous, it does entail some additional work. If you’re still intrigued, here’s what you’ll need to do to independently release your songs.

Step 1: Confirm Your Music’s Release Status:

Before proceeding, ensure that your music hasn’t already been released. If you’ve collaborated with a distributor previously, you may have unintentionally availed of publishing services. For instance, our own publishing administration services are highly sought after among our clientele. Before advancing any further, definitively verify that this doesn’t apply to you.

Step 2: Enroll with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO):

To receive the royalties rightfully owed to you, your songs must be appropriately registered with a performing rights organization such as ASCAP, SESAC, or BMI. PROs rely on the information you provide to determine who should be compensated and the appropriate amount.

Commence by setting up your account by visiting www.ascap.com or www.bmi.com to access and complete an application.

If you’re a songwriter and haven’t enrolled yet, ensure to affiliate with only one of these organizations, not all. To guarantee you’re following the correct steps, refer to this guide to ensure no crucial aspects are overlooked.

Step 3: Enlist with the MLC:

The Mechanical Licensing Collective maintains the world’s most extensive database of musical composition copyrights and their respective owners. They collect mechanical royalties from digital music streaming services and distribute them to copyright holders based on ownership rights.

Enrolling with them ensures you’ll receive all royalties owed to you by right. You’ll need to “Opt-in to Get Paid” and become an MLC member to collect the owed digital audio mechanical royalties. Click here to commence that process and delve deeper into the particulars.

Step 4: Time to Promote:

Once these steps are completed, you’ll finally be able to commence earning both the writer and publisher shares. Now is the moment when the duties typically handled by a publisher fall upon you.

Typically, your publisher would oversee networking, seek synchronization deals for TV and movies, handle copyright registrations, negotiate licensing agreements, and more. When self-releasing, all of this responsibility rests squarely on your shoulders.

Self-releasing usually entails solely registering with a PRO to oversee and release your compositions independently, but it doesn’t have to conclude there. Should you wish to take it a step further, establish yourself as a publisher and create your own publishing company! Doing so empowers you to manage everything autonomously and also offers you the opportunity to extend your services to other artists in need.

Remember, self-releasing empowers you to seize control of your musical journey, but it necessitates commitment and dedication. By adhering to these steps and assuming control of your publishing endeavors, you can maximize your earning potential and creative autonomy in the music industry.

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